Why Choose us?
From frequent surveys we often ask the question 'why did you choose us?'
The answers which we receive are fabulous.. some as follow
1. You are nearer to us which is perfect for travel distance
2. You was recommended by a previous student who said your courses are fun and exciting
3. Your prices are reasonable and affordable compared to others.
4. Your accredited and insured

When do we get our certificates?
You will expect to receive your certificates from 30 days of completing the course. On all of the courses you will have some case studies to complete. once these are sent back to the trainer you will receive feedback and a time scale of when you can collect your certificate or have it posted for £3.50. Please let the trainer known what you would prefer.

What do you receive on our courses?
On our courses you will receive the chosen course theory knowledge and also a practical session carried out by yourself. You will be discussing with your tutor all the ins and outs to consultation, Contra-indications, Contra-actions, and insurance cover. Each course varies on timing so you may end slightly earlier or you may end slightly later. If you are the only student on the course you will receive 1-2-1 support and may also end a little earlier than expected.

Your trainer will talk through everything before the course starts. We offer our students a 1 hour lunch time if participating in a long day course. This lunch hour option is flexible to students which can be spread across the course.
You will be issued with a manual for you to keep which you can refer back to on completing of the course day.
We offer on-going help & support after the course has finished. Any questions please do ask once left the training centre. We are here for you!

Please note
All deposits once  paid when booking  a course are non refundable

What do I need prior to the course?
No previous experience is needed. The course is open to  beginners.
All Products and equipment required for the training course will be provided however you may need to purchase a small kit prior for your case studies.

On the training day
A practical training day which includes theory and a manual to take away for reference.
All products and equipment are provided unless you would like to bring your own.
A fully Accredited certificate allowing you to gain insurance to work on the  public.
On-going help & support throughout and after your course.

How many students are there in the class?

We generally hold up to 3 students at any one time, however there will be times it can result in a 1-2-1 training session or have a few people attending.

Do I need to bring a model?
If you are the only student on the course you will need to bring a model with you however if there is another student you can work on each other if needed.
What are the course times?
We are very flexible with times to suit you.
Generally our courses run from 10am - 4pm
If on a late night we can run from 1-7pm

Will I be required to pass an exam?
You will be assessed and asked questions throughout your training course
and you will be required to complete a small test after the theory to achieve your qualification certificate.

What do I need to do after the course?
On completion of your training course, before you start treating clients you will need to purchase some insurance.
You will also need to complete 2 case studies. Your trainer will discuss this with you.

Training information

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